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Poetry Landmarks of Britain

Welcome to the Poetry Landmarks site.

Landmarks in Birmingham

Associated Place

Auden's Bristol Street

  details: This street appears in the opening line of Auden's 'As I walked out one evening'.
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Villa Park

  details: It was mentioned in Philip Larkin's poem, MCMXIV, line 4, when he said 'as if they were stretched outside the Oval or Villa Park...', refering to the ...
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Victor Rodriguez Nunez: 'The Infinite's Ash' Poetry Reading and Signing

  details: Víctor Rodríguez Núñez is one of the most renowned Cuban poets writing today. He has published eleven poetry collections, the most recent of which...
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Birmingham Libraries - Poet Laureate

  details: Birmingham Libraries are the first library authority to have its own Poet Laureate. Established in 1996, the role of the Poet Laureate is to: * give ...
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Central Library

  details: Recognised Poetry Place
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Hall Green Library Poetry Place

  details: We are a Poetry Place library which means we have a large selection of poetry books for loan: we also run a poetry group, the 1st Monday evening of ea...
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South Yardley Library Poetry Place

  details: We are a Poetry Place library and that means we are committed to providing a wide range of poetry, particularly modern poetry. We are a member of bot...
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Ongoing Event

Poetry Bites

  details: Poetry Bites........an evening of floor spots from local poets, and a well known guest poet. Diverse, friendly and its an audience !
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Poetry Festival

Birmingham Book Festival

  details: Poetry events include: Jackie Kay (12th Oct), Performance Poetry show Paralalia featuring American poet Mahogany Browne (17th Oct), Roger McGough & Br...
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Poetry Magazine

Raw Edge Magazine

  details: In 2005 Raw Edge Magazine has been publishing for 10 years. 16,000 copies per issue of this new writing magazine are distributed throughout the West ...
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Poetry Organisation

Arts Council West Midlands

  details: Arts Council, West Midlands supports individual poets and poetry organisations at work through its national support programme called 'Grants for the A...
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Poetry Promoter

Poetry on Loan

  details: Poetry on Loan is a scheme to promote contemporary poetry through libraries in the West Midlands. We have thirty participating libraries (their detail...
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Poetry Society Stanza

Poetry Society Stanza: Birmingham

  details: For details of Poetry Society Stanzas contact the Poetry Society on 020 7420 9880 or at membership@poetrysociety.org.uk.
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Public Art

Warwickshire Cricket Ground

  details: Great poem about a great game.
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  details: mac offers a huge range of literature events for adults and children. From Poetry, readings, meet the author, courses and workshops, music - literatur...
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  details: Dave Reeves programmes and hosts this innovative mix of poetry, music, interview, projection, prose and visual work. Mixing media and blurring bounda...
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