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Poetry Landmarks of Britain

Welcome to the Poetry Landmarks site.

Landmarks in Brighton


Pighog Poetry Night

  details: we’re launching a new monthly poetry night to showcase established poets’ work and to amplify up-and-coming voices. All events and open mic opport...
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Ongoing Event

Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!

  details: A Long-running and hugely popular night, Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! blends the cream of brighton's poetry with music and fundamentalist cabaret to create...
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Poetry Organisation

Perygl Poetry

  details: Perygl (Welsh for Danger) Poetry is an organisation running adventures in poetry and inspiration for children, students and adults willing to open the...
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Stop All The Clocks

  details: Stop All The Clocks was formed as an amalgamation of the three best poetry promotion stables in Brighton - Don't Feed The Poets, Holy! Holy! Holy! Hol...
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Poetry Promoter


  details: THE SOUTH is an independent, not-for-profit, literary arts development group and promoter which has emerged from the grass roots of poets and writer...
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Poetry Society Stanza

Poetry Society Stanza: Brighton

  details: For details of Poetry Society Stanzas contact the Poetry Society on 020 7420 9880 or at membership@poetrysociety.org.uk.
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Pighog Press

  details: Pighog is a new poetry publisher
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brighton and hove high school

  details: Brighton and Hove High School has been extremely active in hoghlighting poetry for over ten years now. We have had Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage ...
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Sanctuary Cafe

  details: "Attending one of Brighton Poetry Society's performance nights is like being transported back forty years to a time when poetry and music had a bit of...
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The Marlborough Theatre

  details: the only venue run by poets in Brighton, the marlborough has a regular programme of spoken word events and is the centre of the fringe literature fes...
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The Sanctuary Cafe, Brighton

  details: The Sanctuary's cella bar has been used for poetry readings for many years. Currently features a poem on the upstairs walls. Great food, good atmosphe...
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