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Poetry Landmarks of Britain

Welcome to the Poetry Landmarks site.

Landmarks in Norwich


Norwich Poetry at Olive's

  details: This is a regular monthly community poetry event, held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 8 pm. It encourages published and non published local poe...
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Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library

  details: This fantastic new library has a huge range of poetry books available to borrow. Lots of poetry related events, bringing poetry alive in the heart of ...
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The Poetry Cubicle Library

  details: The Poetry Cubicle is a not for profit organisation dedicated to making poetry more accessible. As part of our remit we have established an independen...
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Ongoing Event

New Writing Types

  details: A series of writing workshops and readings - lots of professional poets coaching new writers. Intensive workshops and meetings with industry professio...
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Bells of St Peter Mancroft

  details: The poem was written in 1961 by Francis Webb, an Australian poet. It is published in 'Aistralian Verse, An Oxford Anthology' published by OUP and edit...
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Poetry Festival

New Writing Worlds

  details: New Writing Worlds 08, Human:Nature New Writing Worlds 08, Human:Nature is a literary festival taking place in Norwich and Norfolk from the en...
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Poetry Organisation

Cafe Writers

  details: Poetry and Prose readings, second Monday of each month. Audiences 50-100. Past readers incl: Jacob Polley, Michael Laskey, George Szirtes, Helen Ivo...
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Poetry Promoter

Norfolk County Council: Arts in Education Team

  details: For dedicated pursuit of changing pupils' attitudes towards poetry and language through a long term collaboration with the US poet Ainsley Burrows and...
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Pen & Inc Press

  details: Pen & Inc Press publishes 'Reactions', an annual anthology that showcases exclusive work by the poetry stars of tomorrow - a set of mini-collections a...
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