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Tennyson Down


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Tennyson lived many of his later years at Faringford (now an hotel), Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight. To escape visitors he had a wooden bridge built running over the woodland lane (Green Lane) from Faringford into the fields that connect with what is now called Tennyson Down.
The lane and this bridge can be visited without visiting the hotel; up on the Down is the Tennyson Monument, with splendid views over both sides of the Island. Also nearby is the house of Julia Margaret Cameron the pioneer photgrapher, where Tennyson was a regular (if reluctant) performer at her Friday night "at homes". This building is now a photographic gallery - Julia's photos and modern exhibitions - plus a tea room; Friday night At Homes are still held (first Friday of each month) with visiting poets, and slots for local people to perform.

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Tennyson Down
Freshwater Bay
Isle of Wight



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