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Poetry Landmarks

Sandhurst Memorial Park


(Public Art)


Child-Friendly Landmark

The Memory Tree

November 2005 - haiku encounter workshops run by paul conneally in the skatepark in the Coffe Spot cafe in the park and community hall - 60 Years on from the end of World War II - we look forward - haiku hung on the Memory Tree in the park - a tree that should see more such work as time goes by - a lantern procession - paper doves released for PEACE!

Video of outdoor event is here:


Contact Information

name: Agostina Hawkins
email: Agostina.Hawkins@Bracknell-Forest.gov.uk
website: www.cddc.vt.edu/host/haikumania/memorytreewebbroadband.wmv

Yorktown Road
off M3 at Bracknell turn off and follow signs for Sandhurst



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