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Poetry Landmarks

River Cole


(Associated Place)


nominated by: Fred Burley

Child-Friendly Landmark

The river Cole is close by to where I spent my latter teen years and I live not far from it now also. It is also the river associated with old J.R.R. Tolkien. I don't know, what is it about river spirits. There is nothing unusual or outstanding about this river, it does have its picturesque moments and recently efforts have been made to attract Kingfishers to its banks. Well, whether some river spirit affected me to start writing poety is all in the air but lots of my time was spent wandering its sweet winding way throughout the seasons changes and the sound of water rushing through or trickling over stones can be inspiring can it not, as well as the sunlight playing off its surface. Yes. So maybe the spirit of Tolkien lives on by its banks who knows?

Contact Information

name: Fred Burley
phone: 07952 848610
email: fredburley@hotmail.com

None its a river
Turn left at the sign of the Griffin Inn then slowly vanish into a strange mist.



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