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Poetry Landmarks

Speakeasy - the Milton Keynes writers' group


(Poetry Organisation)


nominated by: Andy Humphrey

Speakeasy has been providing a meeting place and encouragement for writers in the Milton Keynes area almost as long as the new city has existed. It attracts poets, aspiring and published novelists, writers of short stories, articles and comedy. Regular guest evenings provide an opening for nationally recognised writers, while its poetry forum and critique group enable members to refine and develop their work. The Speakeasy open poetry competitions are now an established part of the annual competition calendar and attract entries from around the world.

Contact Information

name: Martin Brocklebank
phone: 01908663860
email: speakeasy@writerbrock.co.uk
website: www.mkweb.co.uk/speakeasy

The Quaker Centre
1 Oakley Gardens
Downhead Park
Milton Keynes
MK15 9BH



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