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Pass On A Poem


(Poetry Promoter)


nominated by: pass on a poem

Pass On A Poem exists to provide entertainment and to create enthusiasm for poetry by bringing people together to read out loud poems which have a special personal significance and to explain, briefly, why. Some readings take place in private homes, with group membership being by invitation. Others are organised at regular intervals in public venues, so that anybody who enjoys or who would like to try reading or simply listening to poetry can be included. No previous experience of reading out loud is necessary. Anybody is welcome to submit a poem they would like to share. The adminstration of the project based in london, but the idea is to promote local live readings nationwide, using the website as a resource and support.

Contact Information

name: pass on a poem
phone: 020 7229 9152
email: enquiries@passonapoem.com
website: www.passonapoem.com

112 elgin crescent
W11 2JL



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