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Colpitts Poetry


(Poetry Promoter)


nominated by: Jackie Litherland

Colpitts Poetry has put on readings in Durham for 30 years. It hopes to continue for the next 30 at least. International, national and regional poets. Started in the back room of a small pub called Colpitts Hotel, and wandered around the City at different venues for years. Now settled at Alington House Community Centre. Known for its attentive audiences, warmth, hospitality and magic moments. One of its early regulars was Basil Bunting. The committee favours no south/north divide or mainstream/avant garde divide. Promotes good poetry equally.
Current committee: Michael Standen (treasurer), Michael Ayton (co-ordinator), Jackie Litherland, Jo Colley, Patty O'Boyle and Ian Horn.

Contact Information

name: Michael Ayton
phone: 0191 3849406
email: michael.ayton@voro.fsnet.co.uk

Alington House, 4 North Bailey
Durham City
Co. Durham



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