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Child-Friendly Landmark

This is a delightful, imaginatively written collection of 130 poems written by Yorkshire writer, Josie Whitehead. The majority of the poems are aimed at children, although adults love them too. The poems are written with a good rhyme and rhythm, lots of story poems, and poems on many different subjects. Josie Whitehead is a grandmother who has written the poems in very recent times, and been persuaded by the children in her hometown of Ilkley to put them onto a website. The website was made in January, and since then has been accessed by visitors from all over the world. The poems have been highlighted by many leading teacher resource websites and children's websites, and is proving extremely popular. From witches to bluebells, mini-beasts to angels, there is a subject for the poems to delight everyone.

Contact Information

name: Mrs Josie Whitehead
phone: 01943 607891
email: josie@mi-jo.wanadoo.co.uk
website: www.whiteheadm.co.uk/html/josies_poetry.htm



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