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The Touchstone


(Associated Place)


The Touchstone is the first standing stone or Menhir to be raised on Dartmoor for several thousand years. It has been inscribed with one of poet John Powls' poems and was erected to celebrate the millennium. The project was John Powls brainchild and received he active support of Dartmoor National Park for whom John was poet in residence for the millenium year. His poetry has also featured on the Dartmoor National Park website.

Contact Information

name: John Powls
phone: 0207 960 1006
email: 106355.3440@compuserve.com

Rundlestone, Dartmoor
Near Princetown
At the heart of Dartmoor there is a triangle of roads which encloses Dartmoor Prison. The Touchstone stands next to the public footpath which leads to Fice's Well. This path starts from a field gate on the Tavistock - Two Bridges road



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