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Poetry Landmarks

West Kent Book Fair: Poetry at the Fair


(Ongoing Event)


nominated by: Mark Richardson

I am trying to promote poetry as a performance art form with an open mic session at the West Kent Book Fair on October 28th and then April and October 2008. The session is always from 2-30pm onwards. Also see Poetry at the shop and Poetry at the pub, which are also organised by MR. Books Bookshop, Tonbridge.

Contact Information

name: Mark Richardson, MR. Books Bookshop
phone: 01732 363000
email: mrbooks@btinternet.com
website: www.mrbooks.co.uk

venue: Old Big School hall, Tonbridge School
High Street
North end of Tonbridge High Street, walk through gates with Boars head either side on gate posts. Very large gothic front you really can't miss it.



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