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The HQ international poetry magazine


(Poetry Magazine)


HQ is a successful international magazine that has been part of the cutting edge scene for over a decade: publishing new original talent, if the quality is there, alongside established names such as Brian Patten, D.M. Thomas, Peter Redgrove and James Kirkup, to name just a few. Founded by Kevin Bailey, originally as the Haiku Quarterly magazine, this journal was never just a publication for haiku, but set out to represent the best avant garde work being published today, whether minimalist or drawing strength from the formal English tradition. The design of the magazine was inspired by both Outposts and Orbis, and the quality presentation is just one factor in its ongoing success. There is often a long wait before poems are accepted or rejected, and the emphasis on very high standards means that only relatively few submissions will make it onto the page. This has not affected the magazine's popularity. Many of its regular subcribers are from overseas, especially the USA, and the magazine can be found in several campus libraries in America. The strength of HQ is its individuality and bravery, linked to the idea that only the finest poetry should reach a wider audience, although it must be stressed once again that the editorial team is encouraging to genuine new talent.

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39, Exmouth Street.



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