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The International Network & Community of Writers Society (Incwriters) was founded in 2004, created initially as Inc. in 2002-2003, Incwriters has grown into the one stop website for Promoters, Agents, Publishers, Readers and Writers. We are committed to creation of networks, the protection of Literature and to this end Incwriters has several imprints and free downloads. We help promote individuals and organisations not involved in vanity publishing, visit venues and festivals to give talks on Publishing and Writing. The International Network & Community of Writers Society (Incwriters) Patrons are the novelist Janice Galloway, the poets, Esther Morgan and Clare Pollard.

Inc. was created in 2003 by Andrew Oldham. Incwriters and The Incwriters Society was founded by Andrew Oldham, William Park, Bixby Monk and Ian Parks in 2004. The imprint Incorporating Writing was launched in Autumn 2003 by Bixby Monk, Samantha Morton and Andrew Oldham. The publication Red Ink was founded by Andrew Oldham, Peter Lewin and Ian Parks in 2006. Red Publishing was created in 2007 by Andrew Oldham to publish live audio readings.

Contact Information

name: Claire Summers
email: info@incwriters.co.uk
website: www.incwriters.co.uk



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