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Incorporating Writing (ISSN 1743-0380)


(Poetry Magazine)


Incorporating Writing (ISSN 1743-0380) was launched in Autumn 2003 by Bixby Monk, Samantha Morton and Andrew Oldham. Its readership has grown to over 100,000+ readers. Full of interviews, articles, critical opinion, editorials and reviews on Literature and the Arts. It continues to bring the best and exclusive to its readers. Incorporating Writing pulls no punches and continues to provide informed opinion and is critically acclaimed by many.

Contact Information

name: Andrew Oldham, G.P. Kennedy, Sarah Hesketh & Fiona
email: incorporatingmag@yahoo.co.uk
website: www.incorporatingwriting.co.uk

10 Bottoms Fold Cottages
Micklehurst, Mossley



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