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trAce Online Writing Centre




trAce is the only officially designated Poetry Place in cyberspace. Original new media writing, creative online courses, incisive articles, innovative webdesign, and a broad range of resources, news, discussions and research. The website includes reviews and links to new media poetry and the Online Writing School offers a year-round general workshop plus courses on various writerly topics including Peter Howard's course 'Animated Poetry in Flash' and Jane Draycott's 'Poetry Writing'. See also the frAme Journal of Culture and Technology. trAce also creates and manages online writing projects for arts organisations and is the leading international site for writing on the web. Physically at Nottingham Trent University, creatively online everywhere.

Contact Information

name: Sue Thomas
phone: +44 (0)115 8483551
email: sue.thomas@ntu.ac.uk
website: trace.ntu.ac.uk



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