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Poetry Landmarks

LIP!: Live Inclusive Poetry


(Poetry Festival)


nominated by: Louise Coigley

LIP!Live Inclusive Poetry will be a community festival on the 11th October 2008.It will be based at the only centre in Britain, Artemis School, where there is an in depth poetry recitation training:Creative Speech. The one day festival will include differently abled people.There will be a variety of workshops with very experienced workshop leaders. Workshops will include: Walking Poetry; Moving Poetry; Painting Poetry; Ensemble Poetry (from individual to choral; Clowning Poetry and Creating Poetry.
There will be a festive sharing in the evening for participants.

Contact Information

name: Louise Coigley
phone: Artemis School: 01342 321 330
email: lfc@lisntell.com
website: www.lisntell.com

venue: Artemis School of Speech and Drama, Peredur Centre
Artemis School of Speech and Drama,
Peredur Centre for the Arts,
West Hoathly Road.

East Grinstead,
West Sussex
RH19 4NF



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