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Trespass Magazine


(Poetry Magazine)


nominated by: Kiran Toor

"Without contraries (there) is no progression." William Blake

A bimonthly arts, music and literary magazine with an edge, Trespass is a beautifully designed publication packed with poetry, artwork, music, theatre and pieces on alternative lifestyles. We feature an article on sex in every issue, whether sexual preference, fetish or any arresting sexual topic that takes our fancy.

"Trespass…is a much-needed new outlet for the unspoken, the amazing and the inspired. It's a place where daring, unexpected work can find a natural home and reach an audience not being catered to by any other magazine. In short, Trespass is essential reading for people who think about the world we live in and would like to see it anew every time they open an issue." - Patrick Chapman, poet

Trespass exists as a 'space' for work that provokes, challenges and inspires, with a focus on poetry and the British poetry scene. The magazine believes in revitalising the great tradition of British poetry by promoting writers who may not find a platform in other arts publications due to the controversial or experimental nature of their work. We hope to engage a readership who are interested in an eclectic and exciting mix of content.
People featured in Trespass:
Ian McMillan, Alasdair Gray, Patience Agbabi, Malcolm Pryce, Leah Gordon, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Anthony Joseph, Katherine Gallagher, Tom Chivers, Luca Missoni, Patrick Chapman, Sascha Akhtar, Todd Swift, A.F. Harold, David Gaffney, Bernadette Cremin, Joe Dunthorne, Austin Williams, Paul Lyalls…
Art from: El Anatsui, Mohamed Omer Bushara, Sarah Maple…
Sex Features: Exploring Alternative Sexualities - M.C. Nicholls gives a first hand account of her Fetish experiences, and discusses aspects of alternative sexualities, Transgender Adventures, Blind Porn: The Sexualisation of the Imperfect, Behind The Veil: An exploration of a Muslim Wife’s sex life, Mangasm!: Sex in Manga art…
Photo stories are featured in every issue, giving artists, poets and writers the chance to collaborate. For example, in the ‘What is Black?’ issue Trespass poets Jacob Sam-La Rose and Dzifa Benson posed at the Geoffrye Museum in period costumes created by Melanie Palmer, and wigs by Yuki Saito—with Hugh O’Malley, photographer, taking the pictures.
Articles and regular features: Le Parkour: Stop Talking and Move ‘crew’, Webtrawl (Trespass looks for the best of the web), Poetry On Art, Fashion Fear and the Future, Savoy: The Last Publishers to be Prosecuted…

Columns by:
Simon Munnery (renegade poet and comedian)
Phil Gardiner (Best selling novelist)

Other comments about Trespass:

"Despite the fact we're writing in the 21st century, an odd prudishness and prurience
still appears to operate among (mainly male) poetry editors when it comes to women writing about deviance/desire/sex."-Catherine Smith, poet "For a piece in Trespass, the editor, Sara-Mae Tuson, really encouraged me to develop my idea and then with regular feedback helped me shape the story in a new direction. She is open to new and controversial subjects and has a creative vision which helps her to see
the finished product in a new writer's raw material."- Sabyn Jillani, writer

"Trespass is a high quality arts magazine that gives poets and writers the chance to work alongside visual artists, designers, and reviewers in an eclectic and stylish mix…giving them equal weight in a field often lacking in genuine inventive design. The arts, and particularly the field of page poetry and writing, needs path-finding publications like Trespass to demonstrate that in the world of the creative, real imagination can and should 3 lead the way." - Agnes Meadows

"My favourite thing about it is the energy it puts into finding fresh voices and fresh perspectives on subjects that can be hard to tackle…It is very informative about hidden lives…It does exactly what it promises to do - trespass on ground that is usually considered too hallowed to be disturbed." - Dzifa Benson

Contact Information

name: Sara-Mae Tuson
phone: 020 8400 5882
email: admin@trespassmagazine.co.uk
website: www.trespassmagazine.co.uk

32 Addison Grove
W4 1ER



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