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Summer Literary Seminars


(Foreign Event)


nominated by: Luigi Monteferrante

SLS, a non-profit org based in Brooklyn & Montreal, has been offering workshops in Russia & Kenya for years. Now it has two new locations ie Italy and Lithuania. Its Board of Directors and the writers heading the workshops, as well as participants, are truly international, and Vasto, Italy, is the perfect spot as it's best known for being the birthplace of the Rossetti, famous British Pre-Raphaelite poets & painters whose father was born in Vasto, then emigrated to London, hence the perfect symbiosis of cultures/cross-cultures and pollination; also known for its beaches, and historic centre, founded by Diomedes, the wanderer/warrior after Troy.

Contact Information

name: Luigi Monteferrante
phone: 0039 340 311 9341
email: info@luigimonteferrante.com
website: www.sumlitsem.org

venue: Italy
SLS Italy
c/o Villa Monteferrante
Via F.P. Tosti, 6
66055 Vasto Marina (Abruzzo)
Nearest Airports: Pescara (50 miles); Rome (180 mi.) Event takes place in various locations in Vasto's historic centre (centro storico). Villa is HQ.



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