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Poetry Landmarks

Free Entrance Poetry Jam@The Tea Box


(Ongoing Event)


nominated by: Mike desouza

Child-Friendly Landmark

Innocence meets Experience as The Tea Box hosts another open mike Poetry Jam where new voices can perform alongside established performing poets.

Are you raunchy with verse or smelly and terse? Julie Mullen and Racker Donnelly poets-in-residence will be performing for your pleasure. Don’t miss their first performance together at The Tea Box for 2010. Come along and share you innermost language, your poetry and your thoughts

Julie Mullen nominated for the The Ted Hughes Award for her poetry "Erotic Poetry For Vegans and Vegetarians"

Racker Donnelly is the UK’s Slam Champion 2005/06 and self-styled troubadour of Dublin’s Riviera,

Feed your mind, soul and your belly at this unique event where you can enjoy 60 different teas, select from fantastic menu of hot or cold food including wine and beer.

Does your poetry have wings? Join Julie and Racker on stage.

The Alchemy of Tea is POWERFUL especially at the hands of Jemma and Mike our hosts.

Contact Information

name: Mike desouza
phone: 0208 940 3521
email: m_dsooz@hotmail.com
website: theteabox.co.uk

venue: The Tea Box (Richmond, Surrey)
7, Paradise Road



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