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Have you anything to declare?




nominated by: Rochelle Scholar

Date: 05 November 2011, 10:00

Do you have anything to declare? with Nichola Charalambou and Rochelle Scholar – Saturday, 5th November, 10.30-4. Venue: Heathrow Terminal 5. £30

A Creative Writing Workshop at Heathrow Terminal 5 with Nichola Charalambou from Creative Writes and Rochelle Scholar . We will mingle with passengers, staff and crew in Departures & Arrivals, take off on imaginary journeys, develop characters, begin stories and play with poetry & words. We will round off our day in the tranquillity of the Sofitel hotel. There will be lots of writing exercises and you will travel home with bags packed full of inspiration & new techniques.

Contact Information

name: Rochelle Scholar
phone: 07743898043
email: rochellescholar@yahoo.co.uk
website: http://mendham-writers.com

venue: Heathrow Terminal 5
Heathrow Airport
Terminal 5



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