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Poetry is all around us. And while we do believe that a picture can be worth a thousand words, we also believe that a poem can be worth a thousand snaps.

There is an unmapped poetic dimension to our environment. Over the centuries, hills, roads, buildings, rivers have all been given a poetic charge. Manhattan, Minnehaha, Westminster Bridge and Dover Beach are all immortalised in verse.

"Sweet Thames" will always run softly, Oxford will have its "dreaming spires", the Grantchester clock will be stuck at ten to three, the Shropshire hills will always be "blue remember'd", and yes, we all remember Adlestrop - recently voted the UK's favourite poem.

The Atlas springs from a profound passion for poetry, a lifelong love of travel, and a joy in the provocative concept of mapping the world in that extra, potent dimension of verse.

The mission of Poetryatlas.com is to eventually include every poem ever written about any place. If you know of any poem about a place (maybe you've written one) which is not in the Atlas, please email it to us at: contributions@poetryatlas.com

Contact Information

name: Jeffrey Lee
email: jeffrey@poetryatlas.com
website: www.poetryatlas.com



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