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Six Summer Evenings




nominated by: Rochelle Scholar

Date: 21 May 2012, 19:00

A six-week course with Brandon Robshaw exploring the themes of travel and the journey in poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

SESSION 1: STARTING LOCAL. Writing based on local areas.

SESSION 2: PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY. The interaction between environment and writer.

SESSION 3: MEETING PEOPLE. Writing about encounters.

SESSION 4: FOREIGN TRAVEL. Capturing the spirit of a place.

SESSION 5: BIOGRAPHY OF AN AREA. Telling the story of a place.

SESSION 6: THE QUEST IN TRAVEL WRITING. Give your writing a narrative structure with a self-imposed quest.

Every session will include reading and discussion of examples of travel writing, writing exercises, and workshopping of drafts. Homework will be set between sessions. 90 for six sessions.

Contact Information

name: Rochelle Scholar
phone: 07743898043
email: rochelle@mendham-writers.com
website: mendham-writers.com

venue: Orford House Social Club
Orford House Social Club



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