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Don Paterson - Reading poems with a Master Poet




Date: 10 August 2012, 12:00

One of the most popular and inspiring tutors. If you have ever had an interest in poetry or want to go deeper, he's your man.

I have attended two of these - the first on Shakespeare's sonnets and the second on Don's selection of favourite poems.

This is not a writing workshop but a deep exploration of a wide range of poems. There is an opportunity to read a poem of your own at the candlelit dinner on Saturday night which is a friendly, happy and inclusive event. There was also some wonderful singing from Maddy, Rose, Rick and Nette.

Needless to say, there was quite a lot of laughing throughout the 3 days.

Contact Information

name: Maddy Prior or Nikki Beecham
phone: 01697 748424
email: sbadmin@maddyprior.co.uk
website: www.maddyprior.co.uk/stonesbarn

venue: Stones Barn, Roweltown, Cumbria CA6 6LA
Stones Barn



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