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The Lost Poetry Club presents the Poem Part Open MIc!




Date: 26 July 2012, 08:00

POEM PARTY - Open mic

2 entry/ free for readers

8-11 pm

In the basement cafe of the Crimson Heart*, The Lost Poetry Club is having a poem party and we would like to invite you.

Cocktails available. Classics like the Reverse Mermaid and The American Dream. But, you can bring your own booze too.

If you would like to come and impart your pretty words at us we would be overjoyed and will tell you so by clapping at you. Every speaker gets 5 minutes - poems, short stories, ballads, limericks all welcome! Doesn't have to be written by you, although original material is much encouraged.

email lostpoetryclub@hotmail.co.?uk
or message us on la facebook.

This is our first night, so please come and make it special! Let's sip Reverse Mermaids under the disco ball and share enchanting words with each other!


The Lost Poetry Club

*(its honestly a vintage cave of amazing - come and be the first to discover it)

Contact Information

name: The Lost Poetry Club
phone: 07411485614
email: lostpoetryclub@hotmail.co.uk
website: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/439405779426638/

venue: Crimson Heart Cafe
87 Leonard St, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4QS



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