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Poetry Landmarks

Caesura #5




Date: 02 August 2012, 17:00

An incendiary and exciting night of spoken word. Celebrating the word in its many forms with poetry, prose, monologues and straight up jive from a diverse range of performers, CAESURA is a monthly night hosted by DIY literary cartel Goodnight Press.

The fifth installment of CAESURA is a visual poetry show & tell with conceptual and concrete works displayed and read by local and international writers including local lads nick-e melville, Greg Thomas and Graeme Smith, joined by Prague-dwelling American Jorge Boehringer.

Exhibition opens from 5pm with printed and projected works of visual and conceptual poetry.
Readings begin at 8pm.

Contact Information

name: Graeme Smith
phone: 07719481092
email: goodnightpress@gmail.com
website: www.goodnightpress.com

venue: Bond No.9
84 Commercial Street, Leith



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