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Headland Publications




Headland, a leading North West specialist poetry publisher, has a national reputation for its high standrard both in production and the quality of poetry published. Headland's list includes many well-known and rising names in British poetry alongside new and local poets.
Headland specialises in poetry anthologies - the most recent is Making Worlds: One Hundred Contemporary Women Poets (Autumn, 2003) a landmark volume, the first anthology of women's poetry this century, including the work of U.A.Fanthorpe, Fleur Adcock, Carole Satyamurti, Ruth Padel, Wendy Cope, Gillian Clarke, Mimi Khalvati and many other major women poets, together with talented, lesser-known writers. The Preface is by Anne Stevenson, one of the main contributors, and the anthology is edited by Myra Schneider, Dilys Wood and Gladys Mary Coles.
Headland also published the Poet's England series and has an imprint in Wales with a growing list of important poets, such as John Barnie.

Contact Information

name: Glady Mary Coles
phone: 0151 625 9128
email: gladysmary coles@talk21.com

38 York Avenue
West Kirby
CH48 3JF



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