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Aesthetica: A Review of Contemporary Artists


(Poetry Magazine)


Aesthetica: A Review of Contemporary Artists is an independent York based literary magazine that managed and run by Cherie Federico and Dale Donley.

They were both university students and decided that York needed something new and something fresh so they began this publication. The ethoses behind the magazine are to get voices heard. They publish poetry, prose, articles, reviews, drama, interviews, photography, and artwork. They are even beginning to attract previously published writers but yet the magazine maintains an environment that is accessible by all.

They have produced three issues so far and are selling at Borders in York, Leeds, Brighton, Islington, and Oxford Street or direct from Aesthetica.

The magazine has become a real link between different communities and cultures York and beyond. They host free launch nights that give the contributors a chance to read their work and they invite local musicians and give them a platform to play their music and speak their spoken word.

They are starting a free writer's workshop and believe in breaking down barriers and making literature as inclusive as possible.

The magazine has done a lot for the City of York and I think that they have made a landmark.

The magazine is a bargain at 3.50. It ranges between 96-100 pages and has 6-8 pages of full colour artwork.

Contact Information

name: Cherie Federico
email: enquiries@aestheticamagazine.com
website: www.aestheticamagazine.com

North Yorkshire
YO30 7AH



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