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Poetry Landmarks

Orbis International Literary Journal


(Poetry Magazine)


What makes Orbis a sight worth seeing? 80 pages of news, reviews, views, letters, features, prose - and quite a lot of poetry.

Current requirements: along with poems (occasionally upbeat doesn’t come amiss):
prose (500-1000 words), suggestions for cover artwork and features (500-1000 words; ideas in first instance): subjects for discussion: ‘day in the life’, technical, topical etc:
‘the heresy that poems should be about truth more than words’ (123);
‘I’ll clean toilets at Piccadilly Circus but don’t let me come back as a Poetry Editor’. (124);
could Auden be right: ‘when a poem is thought finished, it’s time to put it in the bin’? (125).’

Plus, in each issue, £50: Featured Writer (3-4 poems/2000 words)
And the Readers’ Award: £50 for piece(s) receiving the most votes.
And £50 split between four (or more) runners-up.

Contact Information

name: Carole Baldock
email: 0151 625 1446

17 Greenhow Avenue
West Kirby
CH48 5EL



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