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The Poetry Cubicle Library




The Poetry Cubicle is a not for profit organisation dedicated to making poetry more accessible. As part of our remit we have established an independent poetry library, with the aid of a Millennium Award, in Norwich, and are about to set up a second branch in Manchester in October/November 2003. We specialise in stocking the mad, bad, deranged, denounced poet, the lost, forgotten and renounced poet, and have a wealth of poetical material veering from a William Burroughs APO-33 pamphlet to a Linton Kwesi Johnson spoken word vinyl LP to The Illustrated Ape magazine to Bob Cobbing concrete poetry prints, plus the unusual gamut of pamphlets, books and DIY poetry booklets from the 1960s onwards. We also have a small children's poetry library and are beginning to convert some of our collection into braille and large print format. We are (almost) free to join and hope to provide access to under-supported and under-funded poetry and poets.

Contact Information

name: Sara Wingate Gray
phone: 07789 514 655
email: Sara@thepoetrycubicle.org.uk
website: www.thepoetrycubicle.org.uk




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