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In the afternoon people sit and write, in the evening they may stay to listen to poets perform or read in the basement to a small but informed audience. Sometimes the café is full of exiled writers well known in their own countries but glad of an audience here; other times people are crowding out the door to get a seat for a famous poet who we have caught on their way through London. With each event the café mood changes, while the place itself, the delicious vegetarian food we offer and the classic dishes like marmite toast and Portuguese custard tarts remain constant. At the moment we have a series of poets resident in the café who put on new and interesting events as well as offering their services for poetry surgeries to look at anyone's work who cares to approach them.
Customers say 'Lovely staff, peaceful, friendly, aesthetically pleasing', and the Guardian included the café in its guide this summer to the 'most funky, stylish and interesting cafés'.

Contact Information

name: Ely Ahamed
phone: 020 7420 9880
email: poetrycafe@poetrysociety.org.uk

22 Betterton Street



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