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Poetry Landmarks

Speakers Corner at The Media Centre


(Public Art)


nominated by: Clare Danek

Acclaimed Liverpool poet Eleanor Rees has written a poem, ‘Nameless Poem’, for Speakers Corner; the public are invited to respond to the refrain "Tell me something of this," using text messaging or via the website.

For more details please visit the website.

The 15 metre LED display on the exterior of The Media Centre in Northumberland Street is an architectural interface to the Internet. The public can send text messages directly to the display from their mobile phones by using the TEXT [SMS] facility. The website also allows users to write text messages to Speakers Corner remotely.

Contact Information

name: Clare Danek
phone: 0870 990 5007
email: clare@the-media-centre.co.uk
website: www.speakerscorner.org.uk

The Media Centre
7 Northumberland Street
West Yorkshire



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