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Poetry Landmarks

Poetry Doubles at Friargate Theatre


(Ongoing Event)


Each event in the series features an established poet and his or her own choice of a second poet - an exciting, emerging talent, usually someone who's published only one collection - presenting some of our most influential and our most promising new writers side by side.

So far Andrew Motion has chosen to perform with Colette Bryce; Douglas Dunn with Henry Shukman; Wendy Cope with Joanne Limburg and Fleur Adcock with Julian Stannard.

Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate, said of the series "I'm a strong supporter of the idea that writers who have been around for a long time and who are in a position to 'help' other writers, if that's the right word, should do so. The premise of Poetry Doubles is a very good one."

Contact Information

name: Antony Dunn
phone: 0845 961 3000
email: info@rltc.org
website: www.friargatetheatre.org

venue: Friargate Theatre, York
Lower Friargate
North Yorkshire



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