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Ledbury Poetry Festival


(Poetry Festival)


Ledbury has historical associations with Langland, Elizabth Barret-Browning, Robert Frost, Edward Thomas, WH Auden, and poet laureate John Masefield.The current poet laureate, Andrew Motion, has described its Poetry Festival as "the best in the country" - a unique tribute to the quality and breadth of the unmissable Poetry Festival which takes place each July. In addition to the summer Festival over 10 days, Ledbury Poetry Festival works tirelessly year-round in the community with poets in schools and a far-reaching programme of activities to bring poetry to new readers as well as supporting writers. It is the premier poetry event of its kind in the UK and is attended by 5,000 visitors who in 2003 spent 28,000 on live poetry events, demonstrating the passion for poetry to be found at Ledbury.

Contact Information

name: Chloe Garner
phone: 01531 634156
email: director@poetry-festival.com
website: www.poetry-festival.com

venue: All over Ledbury

Just off the M50 or on a direct train from Paddington



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