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Poetry Landmarks

Waterloo Station leading to IMAX


(Public Art)


To find poetry in this underpass is both an enormous surprise and a great pleasure. The walk through this otherwise rather unpleasant underground tunnel is tranformed into a dream journey. The poem conjurs in a gritty, yet lyrical language a modern version of the myth of Eurydice. This is a most inventive use of space and language. The fact that the poem has been created especially for the space gives it a haunting presence. For those who walk this way on a daily basis the poem gradually infiltrates, becoming familiar over a period of time. This is poetry, literally for everyone. Watch people as they walk through; the down and out is as likely to stop as the student of the business man.

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Waterloo Station
Exit at main exit of Waterloo station opposite Eurostar and immediately outside take the underpass that leads to the IMAX cinema from the main exit of Waterloo Station



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