Landmark Nomination Form


The Poetry Landmarks of Britain need your help! Please keep this section of our website lively and current for all visitors to Britain who want to hunt down a poetry landmark, whether it be a live poetry event, a poet's favourite haunt, poetry in public art, or the usual backbone of poetry in every nook and cranny of this country: poetry magazines, festivals, publishers, promoters. If you don't see something that you think should be on this map - nominate it!

Which type of Landmark do you want to nominate?

  • Associated Place
    Do you make an annual pilgrimage to Sylvia Plath’s grave in Heptonstall? Or Shakespeare Cliff in Dover? Share your passion for a poetry landmark that others may wish to visit.
  • Bookshop
    Do you have a favourite bookshop you haunt to fill your poetry needs? Or, do you run a fabulous poetry section of a bookshop and would like to point us in your direction? Please share your passion for poetry...
  • Event
    Describe an event that is taking place. Be sure to include details such as featured poets, venue, time, ticket prices, and contact details.
  • Foreign Event
    Here is where you may register an event for National Poetry Day if it takes place outside Britain (yes, we have NPD enthusiasts around the world).
  • Library
    Libraries can often be the unsung heroes of bringing new readers to poetry. We’d like every poetry-active library in Britain to show up on our map, so if you’re a library user or a librarian, please tell us about your local library and its poetry collection and/or activities. Many libraries run events around National Poetry Day; please register these separately under Events.
  • Media
    Poetry Please, The Sunday Poem, The Verb… tell us what poetry features you read in the papers, listen to on the radio, watch on television - we’ll compile comments and post it on the map for those media tourists out there.
  • Ongoing Event
    Have you got a favourite local reading series? Tell us about it here; be sure to include details such as venue, time, ticket prices, and contact details.
  • Poem
    Poets have written about a sense of ‘place’ since the first hieroglyphics. Please describe your favourite poem that names a distinct and recognisable spot or region in Britain. Due to copyright laws, we cannot quote full poems, but if you give us the name of the poem, the poet, and where it is published (if known), we will compile poem nominations and assign them a particular geographical location (the more precise, the better). If there is a website link to the full poem, you’re welcome to provide it.
  • Poetry Festival
    Festival organisers – please register yours if it features poetry! And if your festival takes place during National Poetry Day, feel free to register specific events separately in the Events category.
  • Poetry Magazine
    The lifeline for contemporary poets, poetry magazines provide a myriad of choice for all varieties of poetry readers. Make sure your favourite appears on this map!
  • Poetry Organisation
    So many amazing resources for poets reside in dynamic organisations around the country. Please register yours if you don’t see it listed on our map.
  • Poetry Promoter
    These tend to be human dynamos who work behind the scenes to pull together events, tours and collaborations that put poets out on stages around the country. Tell us who you are and how you do it.
  • Poetry Society Stanza
    A Poetry Society Stanza is a Poetry Society member who has volunteered to be a local contact for other members.
  • Public Art
    Poetry in Public Art is now a feature of the British landscape from the Victoria Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham to the Warwickshire County Cricket Club to the Sunderland City Library & Arts Centre and beyond! Have you created or appreciated a piece of public art that involved poetry lately? Tell us about it here.
  • Publisher
    Britain-based presses that can demonstrate a commitment to publishing books of poetry are welcome to register themselves for this map. (See separate category for poetry magazines).
  • School
    Calling all poetry-active schools – you know who you are... please register as a ‘Poetry Landmark’ so you can tell us what you are doing!
  • Venue
    A place where poetry is written, performed, or exhibited on a regular basis.
  • Website
    For Poetry Landmarks that only exist in cyberspace. (Note: if you qualify for any other category, please give your website details there and do not register under this section.)
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