Jon Sait

them come at midnight i remember that

i was fooding the cat

what happened to the cat

in and across the hall them was

before the last bod slam the door

i was scared more for décor

all bootmark in the twill

mud set to stone too quick in nape and alley

and fuss would follow


them wanted to know why it was off

i often have it off i said which made them laff

all bellyjig and straining like at shit

then them poke me one with a stick and ask again

not ask exact more shout and kick

i sleep deep and dream i said upstanding

and has no need of it

all flattering from dull mouth or some sunny play

gobbing did it good for me then

hit me and down i was

with stompers flying in all crowblack and beaky

i pass over then and only come to when rain wet me

it was chillstone and the dark was eyeless~

and all was lone and bleedy


three days least them probe me

all think sore and head reely

then the white light

the bright light

the light like light that change it ever




them let me go then after fingering

and promise to never do

now i venge in the not quite dark

all flicker flash and wheezy

i leave the sash open so the whole street can see me

and them that watch can think me safely home